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PM-49 Mighty-X-Marker Alcohol Based Paint Marker - Super Jumbo (Box of 6)

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  • Paint Content : 30ml.
  • Stroke : 2.0mm Fine Edge, 7mm Medium Edge, 15mm Broad Edge
  • Nib : Polyester Extra-Wide Flat Chisel Nib
  • Solvent System : Alcohol Paint
These are the xylene-free alternative to the Mighty Marker Permanent Paint Markers. Alcohol-based paint is Haps-Free, Xylene-Free, and safe to use as well as an high-quality and industrial-grade paint solvent. Permanent and waterproof. Quick Drying. Fade and Abrasion Resistant. Works on metal, any non-porous surface, and even most porous surfaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • All colors are sold 6 per box