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PICA Fine Dry Refill Leads H - 7050

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  • Experience the highest level of precision with our ultra-fine 0.9mm diameter lead, eliminating the need for constant sharpening.
  • Specially designed extra-hard lead for joiners, ensuring the most accurate markings every time.
  • Not suitable for smooth and glossy surfaces.
  • Quickly fix any mistakes with the integrated large eraser, making corrections a breeze.
  • Specifications: Diameter - 0.9mm, Length - 60mm.

New & Improved Robust Refill Box:

  • Never lose the cap again with our innovative twist-to-open design.
  • Always top up your refills from the back to maintain a well-organized and efficient workflow.

The ultimate choice for professionals who demand nothing less than perfection.

Buy your Pica Fine Dry Graphite Lead H today!

Use with PICA Fine Dry Longlife Automatic 0.9mm Pencil 7070

Recommended use on:

  • Lumber Dry
  • Worked Timber and Laminate

Suitable use:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Stone & Concrete

Acceptable use:

  • Stainless Steel