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Pica Classic Double Red Blue - 559

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Pica Classic DOUBLE Red and Blue: The Ultimate Checking Pencil that combines the power of red and blue in one pencil!

Experience the convenience of effortless marking and checking with just a single instrument.

  • Double the Efficiency: With red and blue colors at your fingertips, you can effortlessly switch between marking, highlighting, and correcting without reaching for multiple tools.
  • Experience the ultimate convenience! The Pica Classic DOUBLE features an easy-to-sharpen wood casing that guarantees durability and comfort during extended use. It's a pencil you can rely on!
  • Premium Quality: Crafted from sustainably cultivated forests. 
  • Large Diameter Leads: High-quality leads boast a large diameter, ensuring bold, vivid lines that are highly visible and stand out from the rest. Say goodbye to faint markings and hello to clarity!
  • Dual-Sided Sharpened: The Pica Classic DOUBLE is sharpened on both sides, ensuring a quick and seamless sharpening experience.

Size: 17.5cm

Package: Hangable Box of 10 pieces

For the ultimate Pica Classic DOUBLE experience, we recommend using it with the Pica POCKET - Quiver and Blade in one. Keep your pencil securely in place and have a handy blade for easy lead sharpening on the go. It's the perfect companion to take your productivity to the next level!

Upgrade your checking experience with the Pica Classic DOUBLE Red and Blue - the must-have tool for professionals who value efficiency, quality, and versatility.

Get yours today and transform the way you mark and check!

Recommended Use:

  • Stone & Concrete
  • Worked Timber & Laminate

Suitable Use:

  • Plastic
  • Dry Lumber
  • Wet Lumber
  • Metal

Acceptable Use:

  • Tiles & Ceramic