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PICA BIG Dry Refill Leads ANILINE 2.0 - 6051

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Introducing Pica BIG Dry Refill Leads - 6051 ANILINE 2.0 "All-weather leads".

With its special graphite formulation, these leads are designed to excel even in the most challenging conditions, making them perfect for use on wet materials.

  • All-Weather Performance: Experience remarkable results regardless of the weather. These leads are engineered to deliver outstanding performance, ensuring deep black marking even on damp or wet timber.
  • New Formulation: We value your safety and the environment. That's why we have developed a new, non-toxic formulation for these leads. You can mark with confidence, knowing that you are using an environmentally friendly solution.
  • Refill or Exchange: Say goodbye to wasteful practices. Pica BIG Dry Refill Leads allow you to easily refill or exchange them, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution for all your marking needs.
  • Convenient and Sturdy: Our leads come in a convenient and sturdy plastic box, ensuring easy storage and protection. You can carry them with confidence, knowing that they will remain secure and intact. 📏 Rectangular Leads: These leads feature a 2 x 5 mm profile and are 150 mm long, allowing for precise and consistent marking. Enjoy the accuracy and control that Pica BIG Dry Refill Leads provide.
  • Refill Box: Each refill box contains 12 refill leads, providing you with an ample supply for your projects. Keep them organized and secure in the refill box until you need them.
  • Intuitive Handling: The lead box is designed with two wings, making it easy and intuitive to open. Experience hassle-free handling, allowing you to focus on your work without any distractions.

PICA BIG Dry Refill Leads combine reliability, performance, and environmental consciousness. The right solution for everyone!

Choose Pica BIG Dry Refill Leads today and witness the difference for yourself! 

Use with corresponding pencil PICA BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker 6060

Recommended use on:

  • Tiles & Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Lumber Wet
  • Lumber Dry
  • Metal
  • Worked Timber and Laminate

Suitable use:

  • Stone & Concrete

Acceptable use:

  • Leather
  • Tire & Rubber Wet
  • Tire & Rubber Dry
  • Glass