MM-06 Mighty Marker High Purity - Fine Line

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  • Paint Content : 3ml.
  • Stroke : 1mm
  • Nib : Polyester or Acrylic Fine Bullet Nib
  • Solvent System : Black is Alcohol Ink, all other colors are Oil Based Pigmented Paint
These markers contain laboratory certified, low corrosive, low halogen, high-purity inks or paints. They are used to safely mark stainless steel, titanium, and other exotic metals in settings that require low corrosive requirements like aerospace and nuclear industries. These paints meet or exceed requirements of various aerospace specs such as GE# D50TF8-S7, and various nuclear grade specs such as GE# D50YP12. These pens are also certified for Westinghouse, Pratt & Whitney, and Chicago Bridge & Iron.

Low Chloride, Low Flourine, Low Mercury, Low Cadmium, Low Lead, Low Zinc, Low Sulfur, Low Sodium, Low nitrates, Low nitrites, and more.

Pens ordered from this store do not automatically come with paperwork. Please send an email to citing your order # to request High Purity paperwork.
  • Black is in stock. All other colors are sold 12 per box.