FM-43 Flomaster Auto Body and Glass Marker

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  • Paint Content : 10ml.
  • Stroke : 2.3mm
  • Nib : Polyester Bullet
  • Solvent System : Water
  • Removable : With Windex® or any >2% Ammonia-Based Wet-Wipe product

This is the ultimate paint pen for marking on your car or windows safely. Withstands all weather conditions on all non porous surfaces. Leaves no trace when removed with Windex®. Great for windows and painted automobile surfaces. Paint is Water-based and Non Toxic.

Flomaster® Auto Body and Glass Markers are all made fresh to order. Please allow an extra 2 business days for the factory to fill these pens.

Regular 6-Pack contains: Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, White, and Magenta.

Fluorescent 6-pack contains: Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, and Fluorescent Pink.

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